I'm a front-end
web developer
from Barcelona


What I do

Hi! My name is Àngel and I create websites, web apps and custom Wordpress themes and plug-ins for small and medium businesses, always focusing on clean code and best practices.
Sometimes I collaborate with web design agencies like estudio frägil and Blend Studio for things like SEO optimization, responsive design or just advice on which tools are the best to meet a client's requirements.

When I'm not geeking around you can find me (unsuccessfully) trying to skate, watching some random sci-fi movie from the 80s or playing guitar.

What I use

Sublime Text is my code editor of choice as I think it's still the fastest and most extensible out there. Of course that might eventually change thanks to Atom (it won't).

I'm proficient in HTML5, CSS3, LESS and JavaScript/jQuery and I use CodeKit in all my projects to compile and minify my LESS and JavaScript files to keep things tidy and small.

Here is a (somewhat incomplete) list of other frameworks, CMS and/or libraries that I use: Bootstrap, Foundation, BassCSS, jQuery, React, Vue.js, Wordpress and Jekyll.


The stuff

As a freelance collaborating with various designers (Disclaimer: I made the coding, not the design):

Plus: INKPrime, Studio Diverson, Pussie Toys.

Microsites for Infojobs: Isoin, Grupo Eulen, Leroy Merlin, Eroski, Grupo Calzedonia, Expofincas, Danone, Thales.


Page me!

I'm available for freelance jobs, so if you would like to know more about my work or discuss a potential project, don't hesitate and send me an email at angelcj.bcn@gmail.com.

You can also stalk me on LinkedIn.

See ya!